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As you can see, the traffic lights are back at green. The response of our community has again been incredible, and as a consequence, our continued presence is guaranteed. There have been a number of extraordinarily generous donations which have taken up much of the burden, but the general response has also been incredible. Our thanks to all of you who showed your appreciation for what the site brings.

The number of current monthly subscribers is encouraging, and has increased slightly as a result of this recent exercise. However we still don’t have enough subscribers to make an occasional appeal for help redundant. We understand why people are reluctant to make long-term commitments, but any subscription can be cancelled at any time, so the commitment is as long term as you choose.  

 A couple of quid from all of our active members would see us on easy street.  We hope you see TSFM as being worth it. Thanks again for your support – it is greatly appreciated.


 TSFM is a not-for-profit online community of people who support all Scottish Football clubs. Its overriding goal is to help restore sporting integrity to paramountcy in Scottish Football. To that end TSFM will ask the questions that the mainstream media have consistently failed to ask of the authorities, who have equally consistently failed to govern the sport in accordance with their own rules.